Teach Your Community to Make Sustainable Choices

Our mission is to engage and join communities through the appreciation of the natural environment, identification of environmental problems and production of solutions through actions including educational events, mural projects, interactive simulation models and captivating presentations.

    We offer services in enviromental education such as:

    • Community Mural Projects
    • Bike and Walk Your Watershed Events
    • Community Workshops
    • Summer Camps
    • School or Workplace Assemblies
    • Event Booths

    Use our resources to capture your community's attention and teach them about environmental problems and then how to solve them. Tactics we use include artwork, simulators, models, storybooks and digital media. We empower individuals to make a difference and the end product of our strategy is an increase in sustainable practices in your community.

    Contact Earthright Insight for questions, assemblies, consultation, or partnerships.

Three reasons to hire Earthright Consulting.
Knowledgable instructors, fun and engaging activities, and students feel empowered.

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