About Us

Founder, Rose Defawe Eppers has 15 years of experience working in environmental research, applications and consulting. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Aquatic Toxicology from the University of Wisconsin in Stevens Point and a Master’s of Science Degree from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the University of Washington in Seattle. After falling in love with teaching, Rose then worked towards obtaining teaching credentials and became certified by the state of Washington in 2017 with Western Governors University in Secondary Science Education.

Rose's education and experience in environmental sciences has lead her to realize that a great portion of environmental damage is not caused only by industry. The accumulation of decisions made by everyday people can add up to pollute land and waterways or decrease wildlife habitat. Therefore, Rose has devoted her efforts to environmental education. Students are taught to be lifetime stewards by protecting the land through their actions and making a differece by speaking out on behalf of the environment. Rose has continued the popular summer camps and classes through local parks and recreation departments.

Artistic Director, Joanne Onorato, is happy to combine her artist skills and work with the public as a green educator. She looks forward to empowering communities with hands on learning through fun recreational events and art. She firmly believes that the way to grow into a healthy future on a healthy planet is to give people hope, understanding, and the power to make changes right now, right here, in our own homes and our own community.

Joanne and her fabulous artwork can be seen at local artwalks of Bainbridge Island. Not only an artist, Joanne has a scientific mind, holding degrees in Natural Resources, Environmental Design and a certificate in Wetland Management. She has worked as an art director for art workshops and other venues. Prior she was employed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where she also was a Preparator. She excelled as a professional billboard painter in New York and Los Angeles. Her future goals include producing artwork with an environmental function. She aims to teach viewers why protecion of our natural world is important.


Earthright Insight engages students in exploration, investigation, science experiments, fun games, demonstrations, activities, and artwork to communicate the educational material. The end product of these methods are students who will both make a positive environmental difference and pass it on to others! If you want your community to be a healthy and green, then environmental outreach and education can be the answer. Not only do participants learn about the problems and solutions to the environmental problems, but they spread the message to other members in the community. It starts a chain reaction of environmentally friendly actions!

By using catchy rhyming environmental slogans, the participants make artwork and post it on display in the community. Awareness is raised and action is taken.

Media coverage is also used to commend participants. Involving the media helps the participants get a sense of importance and relate that importance to environmental action.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver a great eduction. Please contact us and we can discuss and tailor our techniques to your community or school needs.

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