This book series is about Choosoo the lovable and adventurous earthworm. He always seems to get into trouble, but there is always a happy ending. Both children and the reading adult become captivated by Choosoo's adventures. The story always relates to an environmental problem and solution, which is explained at the end of the story!

This earthworm promotes earth friendly transportation! Choosoo Crosses the Road is the first book of the series. The simple act of crossing the road becomes an adventurous feat for Choosoo. He endures many earthworm hazards, however does not perish but is rescued by a bicyclist










The second book of the series, Choosoo Saves Lives teaches about the environmental problems caused by using lawn chemicals. Choosoo meets some new friends in a new place where the dirt tastes bad and the worms just don't feel good. Choosoo quickly becomes their hero, only to be snatched up by a bird. But not to worry, it's always a happy ending!


In Choosoo Makes Friends, Choosoo meets a Dragonfly nymph, Caddisfly Larva, and a Mayfly Nymph. After they chat about how they try not to be eaten by fish, one of his new friends suddenly starts experiencing an illness. As it turns out, the illness is actually a metamorphosis and she transforms into a beautiful dragonfly!