Sign Up For Planet Protectors Camp!

This is a well rounded camp with art, science curriculum, and physical activity

Camp is taught by professionals with experience working in both childcare & environmental science

The camp is for students ages 6 through 12

The camps are held Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm

The one-week day-camps run from June through August at various locations, see EVENTS

Cost is from $165 to $205 depending on location

What to Bring to the Camp:
1 glass jar or bottle, cleaned with label removed
1 plastic bottle with cap, cleaned and label removed
2 old t-shirts, don’t buy new if you don’t have any, we have a few extra
Shoes appropriate for getting feet wet
Bring a sack lunch each day and a water bottle
Bring and wear sun protection


Day one WATER focus:
Learn scientific facts about aquatic life
Walk to a local pond, creek or beach if possible
Do an Acid Rain Chemistry Experiment
Use the Landscape Model Pollution Simulator to see how pollution gets into water
Use the Groundwater Conservation Model to see why water conservation is essential
Make a Tote Bag to decrease plastic bags in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Make edible Aquifer snack

Day two WATER focus continued:
Estimate personal water footprints
Play the “Make a Low Water Footprint Meal” game
Make an Erosion Model and see how dirt affects salmon
Use different soil types as water filters and find out which type cleans water the best
Play the “Salmon Survival” game
Make your own ice cream, a sustainable snack

Day three AIR focus:
Make an Air Pollution Catcher
Play the Air Pollution Prevention Track Activity
Learn how to save energy and how energy use is related to air pollution
Learn how to shop to reduce pollution with grocery store field trip if possible
Find and save a baby tree
Make a craft critter from a recycled plastic bottle
Make solar oven and a snack with it

Day four LAND focus:
Study erosion and sources
Learn the types of soil and essential plant nutrients
Learn how recycling help the earth
Make something to use at home by painting a glass jar
Learn how to compost and then make your own
Use solar oven to make snack

Day five OUTREACH focus:
Endangered species treasure hunt
Make an ECO t-shirt
Use artwork to spread your message about environmental protection
Learn about sustainable energy and design a sustainable energy source
Use solar oven to make snack

Other Important Information

To Register you must email or postal mail the registration form before the camp begins.

Note that the registration form is a PDF form and call if you are having trouble filling it in. Best option is to save the file first and then fill it out, then save again and email it. Opening the file with Adobe Reader works best for filling out the form. Word will work less easily.

Payment is online, or checks will be accepted the first day of camp upon arrangement. Cancellations for a full refund must be made 2 weeks prior to the camp date.

Other inquiry or questions email:

For any other concerns or questions call (206) 437-8610.