"EarthrightInsight did an outstanding job enhancing our city’s stormwater public outreach program. They initiated the organization of our first Walk Your Watershed event, which has now grown into a successful and annual local stewardship festival. Thank you EarthrightInsight!" -Boyd Bensen, City of Duvall, City Engineer
"Earthright Insight has incredibly creative and passionate environmental educators who never seem to run out of great ideas for how to communicate the importance of environmental stewardship to people of all ages. I have the great fortune to work with Rose in our volunteer work with the Bainbridge Island Watershed Council. She has designed and implemented several creative environmental education ideas with the watershed council. She's a wonderful asset to our environmental community" -Deb Rudnick, Bainbridge Island School District Science Resources Coordinator
“We are grateful for all Earthright Insight continues to contribute to Park District programs and we know Rose will continue to be a fine example of business, environmental leadership and creativity with young people. Rose spent extra hours managing community service projects raising awareness of environmental issues. Her many good ideas and ability to follow-through make her a valuable partner. She has an excellent work and service ethic.” - Shannon Buxton, Youth and Teen Program Manager at the Bainbridge Island Parks and Recreation District
"An Earthright Insight camp experience is the perfect blend of scientific instruction with artistic expression and hands-on discovery. Children learn about the environment and ways to become better citizens of the planet through practical play and creative projects that utilize all five senses. I am constantly amazed at how Rose is able to convey serious, important issues in an entertaining and attention-holding fashion." -Diane Landry, Coordinator of Bainbridge Island Zero Waste and Kids Discovery Museum camp instructor
"Earthright Insight uses visuals, games, and activities to teach people how to make an environmentally positive difference."
"With catchy rhymes, the students make artwork and put it on display in the community. It's really effective."
"Not only do the children learn the problems and solutions to the environmental problems, but they learn to teach it to others."
"These kids have had a lot of fun learning about environmental problems and learn how each individual can make a big difference in reducing pollution on earth. "